allart Ghana Profile

All Art Ghana is a total art establishment comprising of people with all types of arts specialities and marketing background.  The establishment has been operating since 2006 with significant companies such as Regimanuel Gray, Silver Bird Cinema, NDK financial services and SG-SSB etc. We employ the use of a wide range of contemporary and alternative media to create art pieces for the home, Business or institution. Our versatility in the use of materials from inception to finish with emphasis on quality finish, reliability, timely delivery and competitive pricing is manifested in faithful and growing clientele with proof in repeat orders.

Our hallmark is distinctively innovative staff and close collaboration with clients in achieving task satisfaction and rewarding service throughout project life span. We use state of the art machines and professionally selected natural materials for job execution.

All Art Ghana has permanent and casual/contract workers workers. Currently, the establishment has three dedicated permanent staff. Staff strength varies according to Job demand from clients.


To be a leading innovative Afro-Centric and Creative design standard in the Advertising and Signage Industry within Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • To provide services with high sense of innovation and professionalism
  • To create a positive image and contribute to the growth and rewarding services to clients
  • To provide a well researched and quality work with the involvement of clients in all stages of job execution
  • To harness alternative resources for art design and contribute to nature conservation

Areas of Specialization

  1. General Out door / indoor advertising
  2. Afro-Centric  Interior Decor
  3. Creative Design
  4. Printing on all mediums
  5. Company Branding( car branding, wall branding and signage)
  6. Metallic lettering
  7. Fabrication and installation of billboards and signboards
  8. Brand Development
  9. All kinds of stainless steel / wrought iron fabrication for home and offices
  10. General Furniture
  11. General Metal work and Blacksmithing
  12. Building with alternative building materials
  13. LED sign boards for both indoors and outdoors
  14. Office/ Home Partitioning
  15. Events

Client Base and assignment undertaken

  • Regimanuel Gray – Furniture, Security gatehouse, interior decor,  and signage
  • RLG Communications – Signage
  • Silver Bird Cinema – Signage
  • NDK financial service – Signage
  • SG SSB Bank – Signage
  • Nike Ghana – Signage and Vehicle Branding
  • Ghana Life Insurance – Signage and Branding
  • Ray Bow Hotel – Interior Decoration (Yet to Begin)
  • Mr Price-Accra Mall – Signage
  • Truworths, Accra Mall – Signage
  • Identity, Accra Mall – Signage
  • Swatch Shop – Signage and Total Interior
  • Lorinda Shop, Accra Mall-Signage
  • Broll Ghana, Accra Mall – Signage and Creative
  • LEVIS shop – Interior and Signage
  • Paradise Mall – Signage
  • Volta Hotel, Akosombo – Signage
  • Deebabs oil Company – Signage and Interior Decoration
  • Unicon Group of Companies – Signage
  • Say Cheers wine Shop – Creatives, signage and Vehicle Branding
  • Charter House – Installed Scroller Poster Display Engine
  • Goil Ghana – Signage
  • Noble Dream Financial Services – Signage
  • Best Western Premiere Hotel  –  Printing
  • Presbyterian University college – Creative designing and Printing
  • la Palm Royal Beach Hotel – Events

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